Point-in-Time Count

The Jackson County Homelessness Task Force coordinates a census of homeless persons the last week in January. Volunteers go to locations where homeless people gather  and help them complete the questionnaire.

The results influence the amount and type of grant money that HUD and other agencies give to the community, so it is important that the homeless count be as accurate and complete as possible.

For information about volunteering for the 2015 count, contact cmatthews@community-works.org.

Client Needs Survey

HUD requires another annual survey of homeless and low income people that reveals which social services they value the most and where gaps in services lie. This survey is also conducted by volunteers under the auspices of the Jackson County Homelessness Task Force, most recently in December 2013. To sign up to help with the Client Needs Survey in 2014, contact dknox@accesshelps.org.