Sleep Out

John and Keegan Wieczorek at the 2015 OHRA sleep out Yalrtx|~¤¤~¤

John and Keegan Wieczorek at the 2015 OHRA sleep out.

In 2014, OHRA launched an annual fundraising effort, a community sleep out, to raise money for the most vulnerable among us. Proceeds help fund the Ashland Community Resource Center, provide rental assistance, auto repairs and other steps that can lead to stable homes and stable incomes.  The 2015 event drew even more supporters and donations, raising a total of $21,390 for those in need. If you or your church, school or other group would like to help us make this event even more successful in 2017, please go to the Contact Us section of the website and send us an e-mail.

Here are examples of what donations make possible:

  • $50 can fill a tank of gas so families can get to work
  • $175 can cover one week of child care
  • $500 can repair a family’s car
  • $850 can pay for one month’s rent
  • $1,000 can help a client find a job
  • $2,000 can assist a family for one year.